Struggling Floridians line up for a chance to keep homes

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Sears is opening stores again. The embattled department store chain, which has shut hundreds of Sears and Kmart locations over the years and recently got another shot at life after filing for.

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Check the under belly of your home and make sure if there are any tears in the fabric, if so get this fixed. This barrier will keep a lot of unwanted pest out. Food and water will call rodents and bugs. Pour a cup of bleach down every drain and close the stoppers.

Before we occupied our home year round we had a whole list of things to do before we left. We unplugged most everything, turned off the gas at the main, turned off the hot water heater, set the A/C to 82, closed the blinds, left the lids to the toilets UP and put bleach in the bowls, tossed out all perishables, brought in all the patio furniture and anything outdoors that wasn’t nailed down.

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A long line of well-wishers follows him to the home that he helped rebuild – the first. forgotten main streets and.

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The party-line vote. up with a package that. Floridians line up for FEMA assistance. More than 1 million Floridians homeowners and renters have registered for federal individual assistance following Hurricane Irma. The job market does look solid, yet the factory and housing sectors are struggling and financial markets are sounding. I.