Horse gets stuck after falling into family pool in Florida while trying to get a drink

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (AP) – A horse has died after falling into a family’s swimming pool in Florida. Owner Erica Lucas said the animal was already in distress when it tried to drink from the pool and.

My brother’s puppy fell in the pool, we were gone while it happened, but we found her shivering and with labored breathing about thirty min ago. It’s cold outside, but not freezing. There are no vets open in the area and even if there were, I have no money and no way to get a hold of my brother.

It’s a scary movie, fairly recently made (at least 2000 or after). A family moves into a new home, but it turns out to be like haunted or something. All i can remember is a scene where the house is filled with snakes; a scene where a girl is swimming in the pool in the backyard and a dead horse is involved; I also remember a scene where a local man has some sort of hammer that he used/uses to.

Like the mother in Florida described, the child may cough a bit and go right back to playing. Symptoms tend to appear about 24 hours later. Symptoms of secondary drowning include: Coughing or trouble breathing. Changes in behaviour. Change in appearance – a child may just "look" sick. Lethargy. Sleepiness.

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Cincinnati Zoo Faces Backlash for Shooting Endangered Gorilla | Officials shot and killed the gorilla to help save a child who fell into the animal’s enclosu.

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A horse had to be rescued from a swimming pool in Walsall today after falling in. Fire crews came to its aid earlier today and used winching equipment to lift it out. They say a vet later.