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But in fact, this type of tax forfeiture abuse, called home equity theft, is completely legal in 13 states. In Alabama, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, and Wisconsin, governments not only keep the value of unpaid property taxes and interest from the sale of a seized home-they also keep the.

FRB Issues Interim Final Rule to Replace HVCC Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise The fed update pointed out that, "Not surprisingly, bankruptcy numbers inversely follow the rise and fall of commodity prices. After a comparatively steep spike in chapter 12 filings during the Great Recession-that 2010 peak-ag prices started rising across the board, and bankruptcies logically pivoted and started to decline.With every new rule concocted by one of the. Eliminate automatic Federal Reserve funding of the CFPB and subject the bureau to the congressional appropriations process, and Replace the regulatory.

26, Avedisian was reportedly spotted rummaging through a mailbox at a home near Marks. for identity theft and is currently.

The Democrat-Reporter earned a name far beyond Linden in the 1990s, when it ran a series of articles detailing rampant corruption in the Marengo County Sheriff’s Department, including theft and drug .

A reporter meets a fire truck at a huge blaze engulfing a large house. The reporter asks the fire fighters if she can follow them into the garage attached to the house, which is the one part of the building not yet covered in flames. The fire fighters say "yes," and the reporter follows the fire fighters into the garage. The homeowner

Security & Protection. leave important documents (such as your Social Security card) and the majority of your credit cards at home. Be sure to keep copies of what you do carry in your wallet or purse, as well as a list of credit card companies to contact in case any of your cards are stolen. Report lost or stolen checks or credit cards immediately.

All summons issued in civil cases in Illinois must contain the following language:. adopting the appearance and content of, the form provided in the Article II Forms.. Home Affordable Program, the 2012 National Attorney General Settlement, Matters within the jurisdiction of a court of equity, whether directly or as an.

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However, the most common type of equity fraud occurs when a homeowner takes out a home equity line of credit (also known as a "HELOC"). Criminals may use several different methods to rob HELOC accounts, but the most common method includes identity-theft scams.

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