Bank of America expands short sale incentive to $30,000

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Hall wants to expand. Chase, Bank of America and Washington Mutual, according to court documents. Hall alleges that she processed home foreclosures on struggling families while she says she helped.

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If you receive a letter from Chase Bank stating that you are eligible for a short sale incentive, please do not throw it away.It is not a scam. Distressed home owners have been receiving these letters for over a year now, and guess what? They are the real deal!

The initial offering is for $22.5 million in shares, though the company reserves the right to raise up to $25 million through the sale, and will close initial. payments under lines of credit with.

Qualifying Bank of America borrowers could receive anywhere from $2,500 to $30,000 in cash upon the close of a short sale. The amount of assistance provided under the new program is determined on a.

The company paid over $232 million in cash-back incentives in 2017 through the appropriate FI. The company works primarily with Bank of America. sales by low-mid double digits. As the company.

Also, at the time of this initial blog, some lenders are offering financial assistance to the sellers (people like yourselves) that are in trouble financially. Currently, Chase and Bank of America as well as several other lenders are offering cash incentives for you cooperation in a short sale with incentives as high as $30,000.

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Under the plan, Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500) will offer homeowners so-called relocation payments of between $2,500 and $30,000 if they sell their home in a short sale. In short sale deals,

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